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Titre: Ethnobotanical study of some plants used in traditional medicine in the region of Oued Righ (Algerian Sahara)
Auteur(s): Lakhdari, W
Dehliz, A
Acheuk, F
Mlik, R
Hammi, H
Gheriani, S
Berrekbia, M
Guermit, K
Chergui, S
Mots-clés: Ethnobotany, medicinal plants, Traditional healers, Illnesses, Oued Righ.
Date de publication: 2016
Référence bibliographique: Journal
Collection/Numéro: Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies 2016;4(2): 204-211
Résumé: The present study aims to census the ethnomedicinal plants occurring in the local traditional medicine of Oued Righ region in the Algerian Sahara. The information on medicinal uses of plants is based on a field survey, interviews, structured questionnaires and discussion with traditional healers and knowledgeable. This investigation made it possible to inventory 53 species belonging to 30 botanical families. Chenopodiaceae is the most dominant family that was used to treat various illnesses with a rate of 23.33 %; followed by the family of Asteraceae and Fabaceae with 16,66 %, Poaceae and Zygophyllaceae both with a rate of 13,33 %. These medicinal plants are prepared in various forms such as decoction, infusion, compress, inhalation, ointment, herb tea; which are made from sheets, stems, flowers, boughs, fruits, roots. The dominant diseases that can be treated with more than two plants are; Indigestion, constipation, belly and stomach pain; Injury, wounds and skin diseases; diarrhea.
ISSN: 2320-3862
Collection(s) :DOUMANDJI Bahia

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