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Titre: Acaricidal Activity of Aqueous Extracts against the mite of date palm Oligonychus afrasiaticus Meg (Acari: Tetranychidae)
Auteur(s): Lakhdari, Wassima
Dehliz, A
Acheuk, F
Soud, A
Hammi, H
Mlik, R
Mots-clés: Dust mite, biological control, bio-pesticide, Zygophyllum album, Cotula cinerea, Limoniatrum guyonianum, Southeast of Algeria.
Date de publication: 2015
Editeur: Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies 2015; 3(6): 113-117
Référence bibliographique: journal international
Collection/Numéro: ISSN 2320-3862;
Résumé: The use of chemical products to fight against insects raises several concerns related to the environment, human health, non-target species and development of resistant pest populations. The use of bio-pesticides may reduce the risks of pests and safeguard biodiversity. This experiment was conducted with the objective to study the effect of aqueous plant extracts from the southeast region of Algeria (Zygophyllum album L, Cotula cinerea Del and Limoniatrum guyonianum Del) on the mortality of the date palm mite (Oligonychus afrasiaticus). The trial was conducted at the Laboratory of Plant Protection of INRAA. The five doses (1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5%) were tested on adults of phytophagous. The results show that the extracts of plants and C. cinerae and L. guyonianum do not show an effect on the pest. Unlike, Z. album showed a very significant effect on the mite by a mortality rate of 76%.
ISSN: 2320-3862
Collection(s) :DOUMANDJI Bahia

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