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Titre: Methodological approaches to support the transition to organic agriculture through agro ecological principles
Auteur(s): LADJELAT, Nardjes Rania
Mots-clés: Organic, Chemical, Pests, effectiveness, adherence, treatment, protocol.
Date de publication: 12-nov-2022
Résumé: Organic agriculture has been known and used for a long time for its innumerable biological and outcome and properties. Two aspects are the object of this work (different types of phytosanitary products and it’s different physical parameters with agricultural spraying equipment’s and its performance for an optimal application with the adherence of each type of treatment (chemical product, natural defense stimulator), and the effectiveness of the two Treatments against pepper pests due to the distribution of the product on the biological material) which will present the actual methodological approaches based on theoretical ones to support the transition to an organic agricultural system and based on an agro-ecological principles Starting with the plantation of our crop choice (pepper), in the course of the experiment while providing the basic needs such as irrigation wise and weed control without any synthetic additives. So just before the spread of pests and diseases we applied a preventive treatment with the organic treatment based on the recommended itinerary, and right after the spread of obvious pests due to the station microclimate we started the identification of different pests in the experimental station which lead to application of the curative treatment on two rounds. The recreation of the same application treatment to proof and to explain the results obtained after the harvest which shows very close results with the highest efficiency with the decrease of 88% of pest after the chemical curative treatment and with 80% after the organic treatment. On the other hand, the plant treatment protocol was submitted into evaluation in the laboratory to define the most determining parameter in our application to conclude and confirm our approaches.
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Collection(s) :Département Génie Rural

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